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MicroSys is the world’s first vendor offering the new NXP® S32G vehicle gateway processor on an application ready System-on-Module (SoM) for the most efficient system designs. With more than 10 times the real-time performance and networking throughput compared to previous vehicle gateway solutions from NXP®, the new SoMs are predestined for designing the next generation of real-time connected automotive, mobile machinery and automotive test and measurement equipment. Further applications include data loggers, edge gateways and fail-safe programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

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Read our whitepaper to deep-dive into the features and application areas of the new NXP® S32G processor.

In the age of digitalization, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, high-throughput connectivity is one of the most important functions for devices of all kinds. This especially applies to smart mobility. The NXP® S32G processor has been designed to orchestrate the data throughput between individual automotive domain controllers or zonal computers/gateways and their local sensors and actuators to process data with as little latency as possible. Read this whitepaper to get detailed information about the NXP® S32G processor’s feature set and capabilities for vehicle-networking and other mobility applications.

MicroSys proudly presents the NXP® S32G processor

This recorded live webinar held in cooperation with NXP® addresses decision makers and system engineers developing real-time connected vehicles, test and measurement equipment, edge gateways and fail-safe programmable logic controllers (PLCs). The webinar demonstrates the benefits the MicroSys miriac® System-on-Modules (SoMs) with NXP® S32G processor technology deliver for service-oriented gateways, domain controllers and safety processors. OEMs can benefit from an application ready building block for their S32G platform designs in vehicle network and other applications that need high-performance compute, CAN/Ethernet networking combined with safety and security.

Products for your dedicated NXP® S32G processor based system

MicroSys is a manufacturer of customized systems that integrate NXP® processor based Computer-on-Modules. As such, we also offer SBCs for customers to evaluate their applications as well as comprehensive development services on the carrier board, system and hardware related software levels.

miriac® MPX-S32G274A

  • CPUs can be clustered and operated in lockstep mode for ASIL-D applications
  • Hardware Security Engine for secure boot and accelerated security services
  • Comprehensive connectivity including 20x CAN FD + dedicated protocol engine, furthermore FlexRay, Lin, SPI, Ethernet with TSN, PCI express®, USB and I²C

The S32G vehicle network processor combines ASIL D safety, hardware security, high-performance real-time and application processing, and network acceleration for service-oriented gateways, domain controllers and safety co-processors.

miriac® SBC-S32G274A

  • Quad Arm® Cortex®-A53 cores
  • Triple Arm® Cortex®-M7 lockstep cores for real-time applications
  • Automotive Ethernet Switch SJA1110
  • Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)
  • Automotive Buses: CAN, FlexRay, LIN

The miriac® SBC-S32G274A Single Board Computer integrates NXP's S32G274A Arm® vehicle network processor family for connected automotive communication

Coming soon

SBC-S32G274A with Hailo-8 AI acceleration modules

  • Up to 2 parallel Hailo-8 AI processors for massive processing performance up to 52 TOPS
  • Full Hailo-8 performance combined with maximum power efficiency (FPS / W ratio) compared to other solutions from competition
  • Up to 382 YOLOv5m / 2458 Resnet_v1_50 / 2080 Ssd_mobilenet_v1 object detection frames (416 x 416) per second


Your direct link to the datasheets of our NXP® S32G processor based products:


MicroSys Electronics introduces world’s first System-on-Module with the NXP® S32G274A processor

| System on Modules 

Application-ready S32G2 vehicle gateway platform for commercial vehicles, mobile machinery, and many other functional safety uses

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NXP® has chosen our miriac® SoM for their safe high-performance vehicle development platform

| Reference Designs 

Increasing design efficiency with System-on-Modules

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miriac® SBC-S32G274A - System and Development Kit for NXP® S32G274A Processors

| Single Board Computer 

MicroSys announces a mirac SBC-S32G274A System and Development Kit for NXP's S32G Safe and Secure Vehicle Network Processors.

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Why miriac® System-on-Modules?

miriac® System-on-Modules from MicroSys leverage the full power of the integrated processors. Developers are not confined by standard specifications that limit the interface choice with strict parameters. Instead, they have unrestricted access to all processor-integrated functions and interfaces. This is something that conventional System-on-Module standards cannot offer.

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