Wind River VxWorks support & services

In close cooperation with Windriver and our customers we create VxWorks boards support packages on our hardware platforms.
The BSPs can be supported and maintained according application requirements on customer request.

We deliver tailored VxWorks images for your mission-critical embedded application that simply must work.

  • Individual VxWorks kernels for your hardware platform and application software
  • Driver and BSP adaptation and optimization for smallest footprints, lowest latency and minimal jitter
  • Comprehensive middleware and hardware near coding for smooth operation
  • Secure boot support for the chain of trust
  • Support of VxWorks 6 and 7 up to ASIL D
  • In-depth IEC 61508 compliant documentation know-how
  • Experts for functional safety in all variants of the IEC 61508 standard
  • OCI container implementation options
  • Long term support for your SoM including latest security patches