Artificial intelligence for commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles of the next generation will have higher autonomy levels, all the way up to fully autonomous driving. This requires integration of ever more sensors to securely hand over driving responsibility to the electronics. The combination of the latest NXP® processor technology with the award winning Hailo-8 AI processor performance propels commercial vehicle OEMs to the leading edge of smart driving as it enables them to leverage instant insights and situational awareness of the highest accuracy. First application-ready MicroSys starter kits for artificial intelligence are already available!

System-on-Modules for the automotive industry

MicroSys Electronics develops System-on-Module (SoM) based embedded system solutions for all types of commercial vehicles. As an NXP® Gold Partner, we work very closely with the S32 automotive team. Our main target customers in the automotive industry are commercial vehicle manufacturers. We supply Arm® Cortex® based onboard computers, HMIs and control computers for series production to them. We also provide solutions for mobile test and measurement equipment used in the development of non-commercial cars. Other related target markets include the construction machinery sector and agricultural vehicles.

Typical applications for our automotive SoMs

Buses, lorries, tractors, special vehicles, multi-functional vehicles, emergency vehicles, fire trucks, police vehicles, outside broadcast (OB) vehicles, mobile and crawler cranes , dump trucks, road cleaning vehicles, refrigerated trucks, road sweepers, concrete mixer trucks, conveyor trucks, garbage trucks, and many more.

New vehicle computing requirements

The primary drivers of new commercial vehicle demands are telematics based fleet management, predictive maintenance, and new pay-per-use business models. Other major fields of development are V2X communication for autonomous driving, and cooperative driving using platooning technologies. Vision systems also play a crucial role in all types of modern vehicles, and e-mobility places new demands on the design of drive electronics.

System-on-Modules – the fast track to customized controllers

Developing customized processors, as is common practice in large series production of private cars, is not an option in the case of special vehicles. Here, it is necessary to develop platform solutions that adapt existing NXP® vehicle network processor technology to the specific requirements of the various types of special vehicles. For this, vehicle manufacturers need strong partners who are experts in the provision of Arm® Cortex® based vehicle network processor platforms.

Comprehensive range of in-vehicle computer solutions

MicroSys Electronics provides end-to-end support to commercial vehicle manufacturers designing customized Arm® Cortex® based commercial vehicle computers – from HMIs and communication systems to edge servers for buses, including POS systems, ticket readers, video surveillance, and infotainment solutions. Of course, NXP® processor based control systems with integrated functional safety are also part of our portfolio.

Design-in services available upon request

We also offer comprehensive design-in services for NXP® S32 vehicle network and NXP® Layerscape® processor technology. Where required, support extends right through to the development and certification of the entire hardware platform. Our core competencies include:

  • Automotive Bus Systems (CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, Single Pair Ethernet)
  • ISO 26262
  • ASIL
  • Power electronics
  • Signal processing
  • Audio amplifiers
  • Camera Sensors and Interfaces

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Reference design: System-on-Module based controller for government vehicle fleet

Controls radio and navigation functions

  • Custom SBC based on NXP® i.MX processor
  • Supports Linux with Qt embedded graphics
  • Certifications: KBA and BOS
  • Designed for fanless operation
  • Option for extended temperature range from -40°C to +85°C

Our latest automotive System-on-Module: The world’s first System-on-Module with the NXP® S32G274A processor

Application-ready S32G vehicle network platform for commercial vehicles, mobile machinery, and many other functional safety uses.

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