Accelerate NXP® S32G vehicle network designs and beyond with miriac® System-on-Modules


This NXP® and MicroSys webinar addresses decision makers and system engineers developing real-time connected vehicles, test and measurement equipment, edge gateways and fail-safe programmable logic controllers (PLCs).

Leveraging application ready modular building blocks, we demonstrate the benefits the MicroSys miriac® System-on-Modules (SoMs), based on the NXP® S32G processor, deliver for service-oriented gateways, domain controllers and safety processors.

The MicroSys miriac® MPX-S32G274A SoM is the world's first System-on-Module with the new NXP® S32G vehicle network processor onboard.

OEMs can benefit from an application ready building block for their S32G platform designs in automotive and other applications that need high-performance compute, CAN/Ethernet networking, safety and security.

  • Learn more about key features of the S32G processor, the miriac® SoM and the Starter Kit, like
    • Safety
    • Gigabit Ethernet / Time Sensitive Networking (TSN)
    • CAN / Fieldbus accelerators
    • Security
  • Learn about application examples
  • Understand how MicroSys’ SoM solution helps you get your design done
    • Reduce risks
    • Save time and cut costs
    • Take advantage of all S32G interfaces which are accessible on the SoM
    • Leverage MicroSys to build you a certified turnkey system

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