In close cooperation with system integrators and research partners, MicroSys creates innovative devices for e.g. aircraft control, paperless cockpit infrastructures or inflight entertainment devices.

Electronic Flight Bag

Central processing unit

  • based on miriac® MPX2020 NXP® QorIQ® P2020 and MPX600 Intel Atom SoMs supporting µCOS, Linux and Windows
  • up to five independent miriac MPX SoMs
  • full redundant ethernet switch
  • various ARINC 429/717 interfaces and descrete I/Os
  • 3 MCU ARINC box
  • conduction cooling for fanless operation
  • RTC-DO160F certified

Touch Display for cockpit use

High resolution HMI device for pilots

  • based on NXP® MPC8349 Processor & Fujitsu MB86297 Carmine Graphics Controller
  • fanless low power operation
  • high resolution 1028 x 800 touch display
  • ambient light control to allow best pilot intraction in full sunlight and dark night conditions
  • bluetooth and USB interfaces
  • Operating system support: Linux
  • RTC-DO160F certified

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