MicroSys looks back on a substantial track record of custom and standard industrial control applications. A completely new approach is taken within the program – advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) goes industry -.

Machine Control Device

based on standard SBCs

  • based on off the shelf miriac VME or cPCI Single Board Computers
  • support of standard and real time operating systems, e.g.: Linux, OS-9, VxWorks
  • application specific fieldbusses integrated
  • longevity of supply provided
  • compatible performance and feature upgrades within product lifecycle have been implemented

As complete solution

HMI device including control system


  • Based on NXP® QorIQ® Layerscape®, Arm® or PowerPC CPUs
  • Linux, RTOS and embedded graphics integration like Qt or XiBase9
  • CAN Bus and two LAN interfaces offer access to fieldbusses like EtherCAT or Profinet
  • Fanless operation
  • Industrial grade design

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