Customized Solution

Together we develop your individual embedded solution

Thanks to our modular system, based on the miriac® SoMs, we can develop individual embedded solutions for you or support you quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Thus, we enable a short time-to-market for your individual developments.

MicroSys is your partner for customized solutions

MicroSys is your reliable development partner who understands your needs and with whom you can develop future solutions together. You benefit from more than 30 years of development and solution competence. One of our specialties is the customization of embedded systems. Our team is at your side with support and service.

Discover the WeMOTA

A cooperation with the company Weiß Elektronik & Software

Weiß Elektronik has developed the WeMOTA G2, an over-the-air update-capable edge computing platform for use in vehicles. Developers use it for intelligent evaluation of component and environmental data in test vehicles as well as at the customer's site during the complete vehicle lifetime. The system solution is based on our System-on-Modules for vehicles.

Develop your solution for the future with us!

WeMOTA G2 in detail

Optimized for Big Data, logging, networking, gateway, connected car and security control applications, WeMOTA offers Ethernet, 100 Base-T1, 4G/5G-WWAN, USB, SD-Card, GPS, LIN, CAN, FlexRay and multifunctional inputs.

WeMOTA Cloud:

  • Loading the configuration to the device via our WeMOTA cloud server
  • Seeing all devices in the web interface and a summary of the last measurements
  • Finding out which of your devices are currently online and which ones haven't been used for a while, etc.

You can find out all the technical information about the software and hardware specifications of the WeMOTA G2 here.


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