VxWorks - RTOS

In enger Kooperation mit Windriver und unseren Kunden entstehen bei uns Adaptionen von VxWorks auf unsere Hardwareplattformen. Die Board Support Packages können bei uns gepflegt und gemäß Hardware- und Applikationsanforderungen, versioniert und aktualisiert werden.


We deliver tailored VxWorks images for your mission-critical embedded application that simply must work.

  • Individual VxWorks kernels for your hardware platform and application software
  • Driver and BSP adaptation and optimization for smallest footprints, lowest latency and minimal jitter
  • Comprehensive middleware and hardware near coding for smooth operation
  • Secure boot support for the chain of trust
  • Support of VxWorks 6 and 7 up to ASIL D
  • In-depth IEC 61508 compliant documentation know-how
  • Experts for functional safety in all variants of the IEC 61508 standard
  • OCI container implementation options
  • Long term support for your SoM including latest security patches