miriac® MPX-T1024

System on Module based on NXP® QorIQ® T1024 CPU

  • up to 8 GB 64-bit DDR4 ECC RAM at 1600 MTps
  • up to 4x SerDes lanes at 10 Gbps, configurable in different options
  • hybrid 32-bit mode to support legacy software
  • temperature sensor
  • All on board supply voltages are monitored by a separate µ-controller

The QorIQ® dual-core T1024 is part of NXP QorIQ CPU family. This communication processor is built on Power Architecture® technology combining 64-bit cores with high-performance Data Path Acceleration Architecture (DPAA) and network peripheral bus interfaces. Within the QorIQ® T Series platform, T1024 offers optimized features for the industrial devices including a display interface unit for HMI, the QUICC Engine® for industrial protocol offload and ECC support for high reliability “always on” applications.

Our cost effective MPX-T1024 System-on-Module offers a small form factor and a standard edge connector (MXM3.0 socket).

Memory up to 8GB DDR4 ECC RAM, parallel Ethernet interface, 3x PCIe 2.0 and commercial & industrial temperature range are some of the key features of this SoM.

Due to the available performance, miriac® MPX-T1024 SoM provides the basis for networking, telecommunication and industrial applications. Furthermore this SoM is scalable with the quad-core performance of miriac® MPX-T1042 SoM.

This SoM is part of NXP longevity program with new extended availability and support. This means that the SoM can continue to be evaluated for new projects.

NXP QorlIQ CPU family represents additionally CPU as migration processing unit from the discontinued NXP® PowerQUICC® II Pro and NXP® PowerQUICC® III processors. In order to ensure the supply-chain-management process beyond the official processor availabilty, MicroSys offers huge experience with long-term delivery program. For further information regarding our migration program from NXP QorlIQ please follow this link.

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