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NXP® has chosen our miriac® SoM for their safe high-performance vehicle development platform

| Reference Designs 

Increasing design efficiency with System-on-Modules

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MicroSys Electronics introduces new System-on-Module with NXP® LX2160A processor

| System on Modules 

Rugged edge server module for commercial vehicles and mobile systems offers 16 Arm® Cortex®-A72 cores.

Sauerlach near Munich, Germany, March 16, 2021…

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MicroSys announces a miriac® MPX-S32G274A SoM with NXP's S32G Safe and Secure Vehicle Network Processors

| System on Modules 

The S32G vehicle network processor combines ASIL D safety, hardware security, high-performance real-time and application processing, and network…

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miriac® SBC-S32G274A - System and Development Kit for NXP® S32G274A Processors

| Single Board Computer 

MicroSys announces a mirac SBC-S32G274A System and Development Kit for NXP's S32G Safe and Secure Vehicle Network Processors.

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miriac® SBC-LS1028A System and Development Kit with TSN on Chip

| Single Board Computer 

Embedded Edge Computing with NXP® LS1028A CPU & IEEE Time Sensitive Networking for IoT and Industry 4.0 nodes

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Impressions: MicroSys at Embedded World 2019

| Konferenz 

For all those who didn't experience us "live" at this years Embedded World, impressions in the form of a short slide show.

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MicroSys' Latest miriac® System on Module Supports NXP's QorIQ LS1028A for Industrial Applicationsv

MicroSys has designed a new CPU module based on NXP's latest QorIQ® Layerscape® processor, the LS1028A. This processor is targeted at industrial…

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Industrial Communication Platforms with support for TSN and high-speed Ethernet for NXP’s QorIQ® Layerscape® and Power Architecture CPUs

MicroSys introduces a family of single board computers to address the increasing communication demands in industrial applications.

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MicroSys single board computer family supports NXP® QorIQ® LS1023A/43A/46A/88A CPUs for low power/high performance system designs

The miriac® SBCs based on NXP® QorIQ® LS1023A/43A/46A/88A CPUs offer a complete family of single board computers and development kits; that fit rapid…

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RTOS Microware OS-9 supports Open Source OPC UA – TSN project

- Prozess Visualization and Real Time Operation -

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MicroSys introduces a new miriac® System on Module MPX-2 definition

System on Modules families with NXP® QorIQ®-T1014/24/42 and LS1023A/43A/46A/88A CPUs for passively cooled system designs.


MicroSys introduces a new…

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RTOS Microware OS-9 Version 6.1 with enhanced focus on the Arm® Architecture available

OS-9 for Arm® is a complete solution for real-time applications using Arm® architecture based development hardware. MicroSys provides the embedded,…

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