NXP® has chosen our miriac® SoM for their safe high-performance vehicle development platform

Increasing design efficiency with System-on-Modules

The brand new BlueBox 3.0 from NXP® is a great illustration of the efficiency of System-on-Module (SoM) based designs. NXP®, as the processor vendor, has chosen this convenient approach and implemented our NXP® S32G274A processor-based MicroSys SoM into their scalable development platform for safe vehicle high-performance computing. The reason: It’s way more easy and efficient to design in an application-ready super component including processor, RAM, and flash than to re-invent the wheel and start with a full blown custom design from scratch. This applies even more so to the highly sophisticated design of our new miriac® MPX-LX2160A SoM with the powerful NXP® LX2160A. Every developer should use such modules when designing their own boards. After all, the biggest challenge is ensuring signal integrity and quality. At very high frequencies, length matching, line impedance and impedance jumps are particularly challenging. This necessitates the use of special PCB materials, among other things. The extremely high packing density of the BGAs also requires PCBs with more layers. With SoMs, customers can lower the PCB complexity of their specific carrier board designs. The result: a simpler layout, reduced PCB costs, while maintaining high signal integrity.