Test kit for Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN)

Evaluate real-time responsiveness in open standard Ethernet environments

Are you looking for an efficient way to deep dive into the capabilities of TSN based real-time Ethernet to ultimately enable you to test the real-time behavior of your own application in real-world Ethernet networks? Then look no further: The TSN2Go training test kit from our cooperation partner RealtimeIT will provide you with a solid basis for this. Their training kit for IEEE 802.1 compliant Time-Sensitive Networking is based on MicroSys’ modular single board computer miriac® SBC‑LS1028A, which comes equipped with the NXP Layerscape processor that offers integrated TSN support. On this SBC you can easily run your own application as we provide application ready OS images for evaluation purposes providing all API required for TSN. But before starting your own real-world test project, let Dr. Morteza Hashemi Farzaneh give you a training course on how to implement and execute TSN based communication on these platforms. Check out what the TSN2Go training test kit from RealtimeIT offers in this YouTube video.


In this training, you will be guided through the TSN standards and their application areas. Using the TSN2Go training kit and hands-on tasks, you will dive into the details of IEEE 802.1 Qbv, configure switches, and implement a mixed-critical application with hard real-time requirements to achieve for example a deterministic jitter below 20 microseconds. You will learn how to implement a real-time stroboscopic application in an mixed-critical environment with parallel video streaming, see how clock synchronization needs to be set up and how time-triggered communication is initiated. Finally, you will understand how to configure end stations and switches and receive all information needed for network design and schedule synthesis.

Once you have seen how to configure and execute TSN based real-time communication over standard Ethernet during this TSN training course, you will be able to test your application in your real-world Ethernet network environments.

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Check out the miriac® SBC-LS1028A-TSN datasheet


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