System-on-Modules for medical equipment

based on NXP® Layerscape® Processors

Ensuring the security and reliability of medical devices is non-negotiable for patient care. MicroSys' cutting-edge processor modules are at the forefront, empowering medical device manufacturers in their R&D endeavors across diverse applications, from precision x-ray machines to advanced patient monitoring systems.

MicroSys' recommendation: miriac® MPX-LS1046A based on NXP Semiconductors QorIQ LS1046A processor with 4x Cortex A72 cores, TSN, security engine, 2x 10Gbit ETH, SATA and PCIe for high-speed IO.

With a rich legacy of 30 years in engineering excellence, MicroSys brings unparalleled expertise to the table. You can rely on MicroSys to create embedded systems that redefine the standards of high-performance technology in healthcare.

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