NeoMore to accelerate distribution of NXP® S32G System-on-Modules in France

MicroSys has entered an expanded sales partnership with French distributor NeoMore​​​​​​​.

MicroSys has entered an expanded sales partnership with French distributor NeoMore. The goal is to widen the sales support for MicroSys' portfolio of innovative System-on-Modules based on NXP® S32G vehicle network processor technologies. These brand new and highly demanded solution platforms are perfectly tailored for real-time control of construction equipment, agricultural machinery and commercial vehicles.

All these industrial-grade vehicles need ever improving levels of automation and autonomy. The goal of almost all technical roadmaps in these markets is therefore to extend the ADAS and vehicle control capabilities so as to achieve such higher levels of autonomy, which will ultimately lead to substantial improvements in user experience and operational efficiency. NeoMore has an excellent database and will reach out to all R&D departments in these sectors, introducing not only the new modules themself but also highlighting the strong custom design expertise MicroSys offers for mobile vehicles, both on the carrier board as well as on the rugged system level. Depending on further pandemic developments, roadshows with partners such as NXP® and leading vision and AI vendors are being evaluated for 2023. The goal is to demonstrate various implementation options for extended ADAS and vehicle control capabilities.

"The French market is very interesting for this new generation of functionally safe vehicle network processor modules, as we foresee significant growth for this region in all major vertical markets," said Ina Schindler, managing director of MicroSys.

ADAS technology will see massive improvements worldwide through the use of radar, video and AI. A global growth rate of around 12% per year is expected in this area over the next few years. This will also have a major impact on the commercial vehicle and public transport engineering sectors in France. The earthmoving equipment segment in France is even estimated to grow at an annual rate of 17% compared to 2021. France has one-third of all agricultural land in Europe, making it a major consumer of agricultural machinery. As the French agricultural machinery market is highly consolidated, with the six largest companies accounting for about 85% of the market share, the competitive environment will accelerate investment in R&D to maintain or even expand market share. The S32G System-on-Modules from MicroSys can optimize and accelerate time-to-market for all these R&D investments in better connected and smarter automated vehicles.

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