Markt&Technik nominates Ina S. Schindler as 'Manager of the Year' for second time in a row

The renowned German electronics trade magazine Markt&Technik has nominated Ina S. Schindler, Managing Director at MicroSys Electronics, for the "Manager of the Year" award for the second time in a row.

The jury’s reasoning:

"As co-managing director of MicroSys Electronics, Ina Sophia Schindler is committed to increasing diversity within the company and raising the profile of women in industry. And after a tenure of four years, she has all but completed the generational change at MicroSys. The company has also scored impressive design wins and successfully entered the S32G vehicle network controller market. Last but not least, the US business was restructured in 2022 to achieve greater reach."

Congratulations Ina and keep up the good work!

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