Premium Engineering Services for NXP® Automotive Processors and Microcontrollers

NXP® has built an ecosystem of partners offering engineering support and services to help accelerate customer designs using automotive processors and microcontrollers.

MicroSys is proud of being listed by NXP® as a Premium Engineering Service Partner in this ecosystem focusing on providing engineering support and services to customers. NXP® has thus recognized MicroSys not only as a provider of System-on-Modules, but also as an expert in system design and production-proven solutions for the automotive industry and adjacent markets. Our platform design experience covers industrial-grade in-vehicle networking in a fail-safe and cyber secure manner through our System-on-Modules based on NXP® S23G vehicle network processors, related evaluation platforms, system designs and engineering services.

The Premium Engineering Service Partner program includes among others the following services:

  • fast boot and bootloader optimization
  • Board Support Package (BSP) customization
  • Customized drivers and complex device drivers (CDD)
  • Support for application migration from existing device to target platform
  • Stack/protocol implementations for interfaces such as CAN, LIN or ETH
  • Ethernet routing – switch and PHY configuration and optimization
  • Board schematic and layout reviews
  • Carrier board design consultancy
  • Functional safety consultancy
  • System development and certification preparations
  • RTOS support – for example for QNX

MicroSys is looking forward to participate in the projects that will be developed within the framework of the Premium Engineering Service Partner program for NXP® Automotive Processors and Microcontrollers.