miriac® AIP-S32G399A

High-performance embedded AI platforms

Third application-ready building block based on the NXP® S32G399A vehicle network processor.

  • Up to 2 parallel Hailo-8™ AI processors for massive processing performance up to 52 TOPS
  • Full Hailo-8™ performance combined with maximum power efficiency (FPS / W ratio) compared to other solutions from competition
  • Up to 382 YOLOv5m / 2458 Resnet_v1_50 / 2080 Ssd_mobilenet_v1 object detection frames (416 x 416) per second
  • Comprehensive Hailo AI ecosystem incl. AI toolchain and developer tools
  • Deep learning pre-trained models for various computer vision tasks to create fast prototypes on the AI platform

This AI platform enables industrial smart gateways with AI features for smart manufacturing, smart grids, industrial automation and more.

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