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System & Device
  • Up to 5 parallel Hailo-8™ AI processors for massive processing performance up to 130 TOPS
  • Full Hailo-8™ performance combined with maximum power efficiency (FPS / W ratio) compared to other solutions from competition
  • Up to 955 YOLOv5m / 6145 Resnet_v1_50 / 5200 Ssd_mobilenet_v1 object detection frames (416 x 416) per second
  • Comprehensive Hailo AI ecosystem incl. AI toolchain and developer tools
  • Deep learning pre-trained models for various computer vision tasks to create fast prototypes on the AI platform
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System & Device
  • RS232/485, USB
  • 2xLAN, CAN
  • SD-Card (intern) , RFID
  • optional a SATA - interface and/or a SPI extension
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System & Device
  • MCU MPC5744, 2xPower Architecture e400z4 cores
  • PowerSBC 33907 System Basis Chip with Safe State Machine
  • Signature Watchdog
  • Ethernet (10/100MBit)
  • Firmware including test and safety functions usable for applications up to SIL2/Kat.2
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