The quintessence of our #ew22 conversations: Functional safety-readiness is the key

MicroSys Electronics ports NXP® S32G vehicle network processors to all application areas analog to IEC 61508

We had a great embedded world 2022. Many of our customers and prospects came along. Thanks to all of them! It was a real pleasure to meet you in person.

One essence of nearly all our conversations with mobile vehicle and collaborative robotics engineers is the demand for application and certification-ready embedded computing platforms for real-time operation and TSN based real-time connectivity with highest throughput and lowest latency. The other dominant need is strong support in terms of functional safety. It is great to already have proven System-on-Module powered platforms in place that are based on the NPX® S32G vehicle network processors. They are designed for automotive industries and qualified for ISO 26262. MicroSys Electronics ports them to all application areas analog to IEC 61508, including markets such as railway technology (EN 50155), aviation (DO-160), stationary and mobile machinery (ISO 13849), as well as manufacturing robots (ISO 10218), control systems (IEC 62061), and drive systems (IEC 61800‑5‑2).

A show highlight in this context was our announcement to officially support NXP® Semiconductors’ new S32G3 vehicle network processors, thereby extending the scalability of the NXP® S32G-based miriac® System-on-Modules family with massively higher real-time data processing power for mixed-critical safety applications. And be sure: We will also support what’s coming next, such as the new S32Z family of real-time processors, which enable even safer integration of cross-domain vehicle functions for software-defined vehicles, and which were announced by @nxp-semiconductors at embedded world. But more about that later as it will be a while before we can offer the first System-on-Modules based on these announcements. Let's focus instead on the S32G399A, which is already very close to series production and supported by our miriac® MPX‑S32G399A System-on-Module.

The new miriac® MPX-S32G399A System-on-Module surpasses its NXP® S32G2-based predecessor by offering 2.5 times more application processing performance thanks to the new NXP® S32G3 processor. Major improvements are eight Arm® Cortex®-A53 cores instead of only four, as well as four Arm® Cortex®-M7 dual-core lockstep pairs instead of three. OEMs utilizing this new miriac® SoM benefit not only from more processor bandwidth for their safety-critical applications but also from the System-on-Modules’ inherent instant access to prototyping and extended connectivity for their dedicated use cases, as well as comprehensive software support and safety documentations mandatory for certifications. This is really cool stuff as all the processor’s high-throughput vehicle network interfaces are natively supported. There’s virtually nothing to add on. With our miriac® SBCs, everything is available application-ready for prototyping within just a few months. So, what are you waiting for? Order your evaluation kit now to be the first to get served.

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