MicroSys single board computer family supports NXP® QorIQ® LS1023A/43A/46A/88A CPUs for low power/high performance system designs

The miriac® SBCs based on NXP® QorIQ® LS1023A/43A/46A/88A CPUs offer a complete family of single board computers and development kits; that fit rapid prototyping demand or even serial production use.

This is a perfect means to create a wide spectrum of flexible/high performance/low power applications with compatible SoMs on the same form factor. For that the CPUs of the miriac MPX-LS10xx SoMs encompass 2-8 ARM Cortex® A53 (LS1023A/43A/88A) cores or rather Cortex A72 (LS1046A) 64-bit cores.

The manifold I/O interfaces of the Layerscape Arm® CPU architecture have been adapted on board level and allow flexible integration of peripherals along with high data throughput.

The error correction RAM interface of the LS10xx Arm® CPUs offers on system level additional safety functionality to support safety critical designs.

“This approach is a key benefit for flexible design options for our customers. Our SBC LS-10xx systems are a perfect combination of low power consumption with high system performance (compute power, data throughput and I/O flexibility). The CPUs are available under the longevity program by NXP and perfectly suited for rugged and special environmental requirements. In summary, those facts are some of the key decision criteria of our customers”, states Dieter Pfeiffer, General Manager MicroSys.

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