Industrial Communication Platforms with support for TSN and high-speed Ethernet for NXP’s QorIQ® Layerscape® and Power Architecture CPUs

MicroSys introduces a family of single board computers to address the increasing communication demands in industrial applications.

The platforms offer support for the Time Sensitive Networking standard (TSN) and include a number of high-performance networking interfaces. For example, the carriers have on-board 2x 10Gbit, up to 5 configurable  1GBit, 1x PCIe x4 ports and a 8x 1Gbit TSN interfaces for reliable real-time communication over Ethernet.

Additional I/O includes 2x USB 3.0, 1x SD-Card interface, legacy I/O (UART, GPIO, I2C/SPI) and a JTAG port for debugging.

The carrier adheres to the MicroSys MPX-2 miriac® System on Module standard supporting NXP’s QorIQ LS1043A, LS1046A, LS1088A and T1042 CPUs. This is an ideal way to create a wide range of flexible/high performance/low power communication applications with compatible SoMs in the same form factor.

In addition, ECC memory increases system reliability in those applications which require it.

“Our communication SBCs systems are a perfect combination of low power consumption with high system performance (compute power, data throughput, I/O flexibility and networking capabilities) to address demanding industrial communication requirements. The CPUs are available under NXPs longevity program and perfectly suited for rugged and demanding environmental requirements”, states Dieter Pfeiffer, General Manager MicroSys.

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