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System on Modules families with NXP QorIQ-T1014/24/42 and LS1023A/43A/46A/88A CPUs for passively cooled system designs

MicroSys introduces a new miriac™ System on Module MPX-2 definition. It is the successor of the for years proven MPX SoM specification and addresses the support of NXPs QorIQ Layerscape (ARM) Architecture und die Power Architecture (PowerPC) on the same module form factor. The SoMs integrate a SMARC Edge Connector to link to carrier boards and offer by that flexible and high I/O performance at attractive price performance levels.

The NXPs LS10xx processors (ARM Cortex A architecture) underlying Layerscape Architecture offers now a wide and flexible configurable I/O infrastructure with high transfer rates.

Furthermore, the LS10xx ARM CPUs include an error correction RAM interface, a feature that is new to long time available ARM Cortex CPUs. It allows secure RAM designs especially for functional safe ARM based applications.

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