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Functional Safety Technology & Solutions, MicroSys on the Forum Safety & Security, July 4-6, H4 Hotel Munich Messe

Functional safety requirements are more and more a key ingredient for industrial and automotive applications. Standards like IEC 61508, ISO 13849, ISO 26262 or IEC 61511 have to be considered and applied.

Additionally by IoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives, sensors – actors, control devices, machinery and production facilities are networked and connected to the cloud locally and even globally. The data and information exchange has guaranteed to be safe and secure on all levels. This includes machine control functions up to cloud based enterprise applications and their interconnect methodology.

The Safety and Security Forum is a now for years established conference to address on an expert level the challenges, latest innovations, best practices by a series of presentations, discussions and personal networking. Solution providers show product news and related technology in the exhibition area.

Mr. Lukas Steinert (Technical University of Munich, Institute of Flight Dynamics and MicroSys Electronics GmbH) will address with his technology display - Multicore COTS CPU Architectures and Functional Safety, a research platform – topics like:

  • normative status in sight of a certification body
  • possible system architectures and allocation of functions
  • fault detection on processor and system level
  • verification management in the context of WCET and mixed criticality

In the exhibition area MicroSys has amongst others on display the miriac™ EK5744 Safe Assure Evaluation Kit. It´s an evaluation, design and prototyping platform based on NXP´s MPC5744P MCU and PowerSBC.

It provides a solid base for custom developments und shows how to use the MPC5744P for devices meeting any of the standards IEC 61508/62061 (SIL1 and SIL2), ISO 13849 categories 1 and 2 and performance levels PLa-d or similar.

Detailed information on the forum is provided here: http://www.safety-security-forum.de

The presentations are mostly held in German, conference language is German and English.